Minggu, 08 Juli 2012

 Letter For Justin Bieber

From: @Widyaahw
A Belieber from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hello Justin! Nice to know you on my life. I knew you since 3 years ago. I was falling in love by your cute voice when you sang One Time and Baby. I love you since that, and finally I was be a beliebers. I'm always download all your songs and browsing all your info on internet. I collect posters and image of you. I'm always excited when I see you on TV and when I listen your voice.

Ok, let's to point. I'm really glad and like got a heart attack when you followed me on Twitter. Since that, my love and my proud to you always more and more. Now, I sad, cause I can't buy (again) your new album "Believe". I'm not a rich girl, I don't have much money to buy it. I just pray and still believe that someday I would have it, although it's impossible for me. I just can join some quiz that prize is Believe. I'm always join it with all my whole heart. I join it and always said "Never Say Never!". I know my rivals are better than me. But, I'm still believe till now.

Although I'm always lost, it doesnt mean I'm give up. Maybe it's not my way and my time to get it. I'm still believe I can get it by other way.

My sadness is added when I hear you will perform at MTV World Stage Malaysia. Cause I'm hopeless to see you there. So, I just send this letter to you via my new friend. She's the luckiest girl for me. I'm really envy cause she can meet you. Someday, I will as lucky as she also:)

Last, no more unimportant word. I just want you to know that, I will always be a Belieber 'till end of my life. Although you never know how deep my love for you..

I hope your life will always be brighter and brighter. I hope you will always happy with your girlfriend. Be your self and never change, Kidrauhl! Don't be a selfish and arrogant. Don't forget all your fans. Don't forget where are you from. Look at down when you're at top. Always loving people that love you so much. Because, It's so mean for me and all Belieber on the world..

Ok, that's all I can say to you. I hope you can read it. I hope when you finishing read it, you can send me a DM to notice me and tell me, that you've read my letter :)
I will really happy when you can make true my hope  to send me your DM :)

Your Biggest Fan

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Ida Nihayatul Afifah mengatakan...

kereen. . .

Ira F mengatakan...

Beruntung bgt udh difollowback JB :D

Widyawati mengatakan...

Thanks :)

Anonim mengatakan...

englishnya bagus kak heheheh

Widyawati mengatakan...

makasi ^^

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