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My App Review on Android

Hello readers!! Long time didnt write some random things on my blog, Im so fvcking busy cause of my campus activities. I hope I could share anything I love to you all. Btw who isnt know about instagram? Yeahh an application or social media maybe, that ppl can share their pic to everyone. Hummm I wanna share you about amazing apps for make your pic become stunning and kewll like an hipster HAHA

Look at my Instagram  feeds. Looks amazing rite?? HAHA sorry for over confident. *justignoreit

OK, tbh Im an Android user, so I just share Andro apps. Im using Gingerbread OS (OK I know its old OS but IDC dont judge me pls). Btw do u know VSCO Cam? Yeah that app is the top app on iOs but now its on Android also. And Im getting mad cause my device couldnt support that app!! Huaaaaaaaa damnniiittt *sigh

If u an Android user and especially GB user too, dont be sad. Cause I found some kewll apps that have function as perfect as VSCO Cam. So here we are :

  • Magic Hour
    This app is free but theres pro version also. Magic hour is an app that everyone could make and share their own effect/filter on filter market. We could download them for free. But in free version u can download for limited time. If u wanna download them unlimited, u can download the pro version (paid). MagicHour is compatible on all Android devices, include GB too. Btw, if u wanna get some awesome effect, you can search on filter market with these keyword : vsco, vscocam, afterlight, pastel, tumblr, grunge and etc.
  •  Aviary
    This app is free and support on all android devices. This app have many effect/filter. But if u wanna have some filters like a VSCO Cam, you must buy them. Name of those filters is : Astro and Shadow Pro. But sometimes those filters doesnt match and looks bad on dark pic. But u can modify them by setting the brightness, contrast or saturation. Then u can save them on ur device and share them on instagram.
  • XnExpress
    This app is free (and pro version also) and support on all android devices. This app almost same with Aviary. We must download XnExpress Pro version for getting the filters like VSCO Cam, if u have done downloaded Pro Version, you could use filter number 4,5,6. Those filters is 1000000% looks alike VSCO Cam effect. U can settings or modify fade, exposure, temperature, brightness and contrast as u want till that pic looks perfect. And u can save them on ur device and share them on Instagram.
So those are my favorite and RECOMMENDED apps for you!! I hope its gonna be useful for you. You can download them on Play Store. ENJOY!!! :)

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Btw these is some link to download the apps:


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